What’s a South American tour without some adventure? For daring travelers seeking to push themselves physically, connect with nature, and to make authentic cultural contacts, Ecuador can legitimately stake its claim as South America’s most complete package.For trekkers and climbers, Ecuador’s mountains offer an intense mix of striking landscapes, diverse wilderness and isolated indigenous populations, which all provide an extraordinary range of challenges.

Mountaing Climbing Tours

Experience adrenaline-pumping climbs up some of South America’s highest peaks right here in Ecuador.

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Exotic …even sensual… Latin America is synonymous with love for many romance-struck travelers.

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Trekking in South America

Few travel experiences that provide you those “OMG moments,” consider a trek through the truly awe-inspiring landscapes of Ecuador.

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Horseback Riding Tours in Ecuador

The highlands of Ecuador offer horseback riding for spirited adventurers who seek special travel experiences.

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Birding Tours in South America

A birdwatcher’s paradise, Ecuador and Colombia constitute the heart of a fantastic ecological region that boasts a bird list of more than 1,900 species!

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