A moment filled with illusions, expectations, significance, and so much love – a honeymoon is clearly important for those experiencing one – and what better place for this than South America.

Starting with one of the most demanded choices, there’s the enchanting Galapagos Islands, where you yourself will surely be enchanted. Then too, you can consider a nuptial pilgrimage to Machu Picchu, where your sacred union will be blessed by Pachamama as you explore the mysterious ruins of the Incas. Another alternative is a luxury locomotive journey through the Andes to reach sacred Lake Titicaca, gazing up in the evening to let the glittering starry sky light the two of you up with wonder. Similarly, a stargazing experience in Chile’s Atacama Desert is something both of you must try. At one point, you’ll feel as if you’re completely alone – just the two of you. Yet another possibility is exploring the dense forests of Patagonia and being humbled by their majestic landscapes at the “End of the World.” Or, perhaps you prefer to spend your days lazing together on stunning white sandy beaches of Brazil or Colombia’s Caribbean coast?

Contact one of our South America experts and let us help you make your dream honeymoon come true.

Best Honeymoon Tours for Romantic Getaways

Machu Picchu & Galapagos

After tying the knot and saying “I do,” set your sights high and head off on the ultimate honeym...


Sacred Valley, Indigenous Village Visit, Quito City tour, Papallacta Hot Sp


US$ 6935


Ecuadorian Andes Honeymoon

This 12-day romantic honeymoon tour will take you to the Ecuadorian Andes, where you will stay at so...


Ecuadorian Andes, Otavalo Indigenous Market, Cotopaxi, Lake Quilotoa, Ingap


US$ 4543


Honeymoon in Argentina

On this honeymoon trip of a lifetime, the two of you can explore the sensual tango of Buenos Aires, ...


Argentina, Tango Show, Mendoza Wine Country, El Calafate (Patagonia)


US$ 3540


Best time to experience a South American honeymoon

Given the vastness of the South America, we’ve identified the best times to honeymoon in some of the continent’s most popular destinations.

Galapagos: Despite its wet and dry seasons, the Galapagos archipelago is a great place to visit any time of the year, as the famed wildlife of the islands is always activity. Still, the very best times to travel there are the more mild months of May-June and October-December.

Peru: The May-September dry season provides the most comfortable weather for exploring Peru. Avoid December-March (summer in the Southern Hemisphere), as these months are marked by frequent showers.

Argentina: If you’re traveling south to the Argentine Patagonia, the months of December to March are mild and pleasant. The rest of Argentina is good to visit year round.

Chile: Like in Argentina, Chile’s Patagonia is most pleasant to visit in the months of December to March, while the rest of Chile can be visited throughout the year.

Brazil: The mild April-June and August-October periods are best for traveling to Brazil. The hugely popular Rio Carnival is held outside these times, in the warmer period of late February.

What you can expect with a honeymoon in South America

Expect Surtrek to put together a tailor-made romantic getaway, with our travel experts taking into account your budget, your timing, and your thoughts on the specific type of honeymoon the two of you want to experience. Even if you haven’t decided what you want, we can advise on the best places to go for the time of year and the length of the honeymoon you’re planning.

So while you’re busy planning the details of your wedding ceremony, rest assured that your honeymoon is being arranged for you by experts. Based here in South America, we’ve visited every hotel and destination. Our in-depth knowledge ensures a trip of the highest quality, providing you with private transfers, exclusive excursions, handpicked expert local guides, luxury lodging and gourmet dining.

No matter where you spend to choose your honeymoon in South America, expect it to unforgettable – whether in the lap of luxury on a Galapagos Island or an epic adventure in Patagonia.

Getting to South America

Whether you’re traveling to Latin America’s more developed southern countries (Argentina, Uruguay or Chile), or the somewhat less developed “Inca and Amazon” countries (Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador or Colombia), or Brazil (which has its own distinct “vibe” and language), Surtrek will be there for the two of you, leading the way.

So rest assured, our staff, representatives and guides will be there from the time the two of you touch down in whatever international airport until the moment we bid you farewell at whatever departure gate.

Every step of the way — without interfering — Surtrek will be there to guide you to your destination, arrange transportation and dining, and see to your every need.

Why choose Surtrek to design your South American honeymoon?

With over 25 years of introducing adventurous travelers to authentic, tailor-made luxury travel experiences across South America, Surtrek is adept at offering some of the best and most complete tour services on a South American honeymoon.

With our experienced travel team of 25 members strong — including native speakers of five different languages — we will work one-on-one with you to custom-design a South American honeymoon that perfectly suits your particular interests and needs.

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