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-Ecuador Tours-

There’s a reason why the Galapagos Islands are on the savviest travelers’ “bucket-lists.” One of the world’s greatest natural wonders, nothing can prepare you for a visit to this exotic masterpiece of Mother Nature – a place that’s every bit as miraculous and magical as Charles Darwin himself noted almost 200 years ago.

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-Peru Tours-

A visit to South America isn’t complete without a pilgrimage to the awe-inspiring “lost city of the Incas”: Machu Picchu. Perched high in the Peruvian Andes in mist-shrouded forests, an adventure into this world of ancient ruins is one of those places that every traveler should experience at least once in their lifetime.

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Uyuni Salt Flat

-Bolivia Tours-

Experience the world’s largest and highest salt flat: The Salar de Uyuni. Covering an area the size of the island-nation of Jamaica, this vast and incredible salt-desert landscape turns into the largest mirror on the planet when it becomes covered with a thin layer of water – which is simply mesmerizing …and can’t be missed.

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-Argentina Tours-

Discover the magic at the “end of the world” as you cruise glacial rivers and trek past snow-capped mountain peaks and dense pine forests! One of the most remote and beautiful environments in the world, Patagonia is a legendary land of extremes – perfect for experiencing one of the world’s most pristine wilderness settings.

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-Chile Tours-

The Atacama desert’s moon-like landscape is a mixture of steaming geysers, otherworldly rock formations, and the country’s largest salt flat. Traveling to the heart of northern Chile, explore the Earth’s driest and oldest desert in one of the world’s most exciting, off-the-beaten-track adventures imaginable.

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-Argentina & Brazil Tours-

With more than 250 waterfalls reaching heights of 20-story buildings, the power, size and sheer noise of Iguazu Falls is simply astonishing. One of those places that need to be seen to be believed, it’s taller than Niagara Falls and wider than Victoria, and now recognized worldwide as one of the most impressive natural sights on Earth.

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-Ecuador & Peru Tours-

The word “Amazon” can conjure up fearsome images in even the most intrepid travelers, but we’re here to say that Ecuador is one of the user-friendly places for exploring the last untamed miracle of nature. Imagine listening to the creatures of the forest as they begin their nightly serenade to the beat of a tropical shower…

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-Chile Tours-

Surrounded by the clearest, deepest waters on the planet, this remote island was the cradle of a unique and enigmatic culture that continues to exist today. Indeed, Rapa Nui (or “Easter Island”) remains shrouded in mysteries that are difficult to grasp. Let Surtrek provide you with a truly authentic and enriching tour of Easter Island.

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-Ecuador Tours-

The Andes are South America’s pride. In addition to awe-inspiring landscapes, this mountain range is home to extraordinary plant and wildlife, as well as dozens of distinct cultural groups – each with their own language, history, and civilization. Let Surtrek start designing an inspiring Andean adventure just for you.

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