Believe it or not, Amazon lodges can provide some of the highest quality accommodations during your South American vacation. After a full day of exploring the steamy primeval rainforest, you’ll return to your lodge for what we can only call “tropical elegance.” Entering your refreshingly cooled cabin, you’ll find a sparkling shower, high-quality Peruvian linens, and all of the usual big-city comforts – including gourmet-class meals. Complementing this, the best Amazonian lodges provide higher quality programs and the most expert guides.

Surtrek has been covering the EcuadorianPeruvianBolivianBrazilian, Colombian Amazon for years, and we’re more than happy to share what we’ve learned. To begin planning your stay in the Amazonian rainforest, contact us today!

Napo Wildlife Center


Ecuadorian Amazon, Parrot Clay Lick, Indigenous Community, Canopy Tower, Hi

US$ 1332

Las Cascadas Lodge


Ecuadorian Amazon, Puyo, Waterfalls, Hike

US$ 434

Napo Cultural Center


Ecuadorian Amazon, Parrot Clay Lick, Wildlife-watching by Canoe, Traditiona

US$ 603

Jamu Lodge


Ecuadorian Amazon, Indigenous Community, birdwatching excursion

US$ 262

Kapawi Eco-Lodge


Ecuadorian Amazon, Night Walk, Birdwatching, Indigenous Community, Blowgun,

US$ 1218

Cuyabeno Lodge


Ecuadorian Amazon, Jungle Walk, Canoe Trip, Indigenous Community, Night Wal

US$ 410

Cotococha Lodge


Ecuadorian Amazon, Waterfall Visit, Birding

US$ 205

Sacha Lodge


Ecuadorian Amazon, Canopy Walk, Observation Boardwalk, Jungle Hiking, Lagar

US$ 1190

Sani Lodge


Ecuadorian Amazon, Canopy, Hiking, Nighttime Cayman Watching, Indigenous Co

US$ 934

Tapir Lodge


Ecuadorian Amazon, Birdwatching, Community Visit, Rainforest Trek, Meeting

US$ 728

Yachana Lodge


Ecuadorian Amazon, Rainforest Trek, Rafting, Tubing, Night Walk, Farm Visit

US$ 405

La Selva Lodge & Spa


Ecuadorian Amazon, Selva Lodge, Amazon Rainforest, local community, observa

US$ 1280

Faq’s About Amazon Lodges

What you’ll experience at an Amazonian Lodge

Lodges in the Amazonian rainforest can offer you all the comforts of a modern hotel while providing closeness to nature and an introduction to life in the jungle.

Staying at an Amazonian lodge, each day you will be led by one of our experienced naturalist guides on daily excursions into the rainforest, returning to comfort-filled accommodations. Features at these lodges typically include panoramic windows and balconies for amazing views of the rainforest environment, as well as private bathrooms, king-sized beds, and screened windows – plus ceiling fans and mosquito to add to the drama. You’ll also find the lodge restaurants to be large and airy fine dining spaces, complemented by complete bars and other social areas.

In addition to complying with Surtrek’s Green Philosophy, most of these lodges are supported and managed by local indigenous communities, which means that not only do you get a chance to observe the rainforest, but you’re also given a chance to understand of what life here is really like there.

Contact a Surtrek travel specialist for help in planning your once-in-a-lifetime trip into the Amazonian rainforest.

Is it safe to visit Amazon?

While typically safe and problem-free, visits to the rainforest pose some risks to be aware of – some with a different twist when journeying deep in the Amazon. These include including malaria and yellow fever carrying mosquitoes, a lack of medical facilities, potentially threatening wildlife, etc.

To ensure your safety on your lodge-based Amazonian tour, Surtrek has selected highly rated accommodations based in part on them having CPR-trained staff, first-aid supplies, and being in close radio contact with local health and security professionals. In addition, the fresh food at these highly rated accommodations is always properly prepared, purified bottled water is served, and experienced local guides accompany travelers throughout their entire Amazonian experience.

However, there are several “common sense” steps that travelers themselves can take to help guarantee a safe adventure:

These include:

  • Getting the appropriate vaccinations and medications before you go to the Amazon
  • Protecting yourself from mosquito bites (using insect repellant, wearing long sleeve shirts…)
  • Keeping a safe distance from wild animals and NOT provoking them
  • Not drinking tap water or using ice cubes
  • Rinsing fruit in purified water
  • Keeping an eye on your luggage and take practical steps to avoid pick-pocketing in tourist areas

Best Time to experience the Amazon

Since rainfall is so common in the Amazon, it might be best to describe its seasons as the “low water” and “high water” seasons.

It’s generally considered that the best time of the year to visit the Amazon basin is during the low-water season (extending roughly June to November) – especially for rainforest hiking. During this period, there are fewer daily showers, though the rivers are lower and some are unnavigable; however, hiking trails allow explorers to gain access to deeper parts of the jungle on foot. There are also fewer mosquitoes during this low-water period, and wildlife can be more easily spotted congregated around the remaining watering holes.

During the high-water season (December to May), the opposite conditions are true: Rivers can rise to 23 feet (7m), which makes more waterways accessible and navigable, though some of the jungle trails are flooded.

What to pack for the Amazon

Packing is always tricky, but it’s even more so when preparing for a unique, nature-based adventure in the Amazonian rainforest. Most travelers expect the jungle heat, and therefore think that a few token shorts, t-shirts, and a pair of flip flops are enough. But what some don’t consider are the frequent and heavy rains, the creepy-crawly jungle critters, the strict weight limits on small charter flights, and the high humidity that makes it hard for some types of clothes to ever dry.

But more than these conditions, you’ll need to be prepared to dress for all kinds of unusual adventure activities – everything from piranha fishing and nocturnal river safaris to rainforest wildlife treks and kayaking on the Amazon River.

Given the wide range of conditions and activities in the Amazon, you’ll receive a detailed packing list after you book your once-in-a-lifetime rainforest adventure tour with Surtrek. In general, though, the types of clothing and gear we recommend include the following:


Documents & money

  • Passport (valid 6 months after the date of travel) + 1 photocopy
  • Visa or visa fee requirements (if applicable)
  • Tickets or e-tickets
  • Itinerary
  • Guidebook & maps (cellphone downloads)
  • Insurance cards (medical & travel insurance)
  • Credit cards (+ credit card contact info)
  • Cash (a minimal amount and in small untorn newer bills)
  • Emergency contact info
  • List of your personal medications
  • Copies of all documents and cards (hardcopies & saved online)

Travel Luggage and Packing

  • Backpack, duffle bag, or duffle-backpack
  • Packing cubes
  • Packable day pack or cross-body purse or for urban exploring
  • Drybag(s)

Toiletries & glasses

  • Toiletry bag (1-quart size, 7”x8”, clear plastic)
  • Preferred toiletries
  • Personal medications
  • Broad-spectrum sunscreen (SPF 30 minimum)
  • Insect repellant (50% DEET minimum)
  • Contact lenses (+ saline solution) &/or extra glasses
  • Polarized sunglasses (100% UVA UVB blocking)


  • Comfortable walking shoes or athletic (running) shoes
  • Flip flops
  • Sturdy sandals (like Tevas), for non-hiking day-activities (beachcombing, horseback riding)
  • Socks – Moisture-wicking, lightweight, hiking socks with little or no cushioning recommended
  • Underwear (polyester, nylon or merino wool) / sports bras without clasps
  • T-shirts/tank tops (blended cotton-synthetic, which are soft and moisture-wicking)
  • Long pants and shorts (breathable, lightweight, moisture-wicking and quick-drying)
  • Casual shirts/blouses (merino wool or merino-synthetic blends recommended, avoid cotton)
  • Jacket (breathable, water-resistant, & wind-resistant)
  • Micro-fleece hoodie &/or merino wool sweater
  • Long-sleeve thin shirts or t-shirts to protect your arms from the Brazil sun
  • A wide-brimmed hat or sun hat
  • Swimwear (+ long-sleeve T-shirt to wear while swimming if you sunburn easily)
  • Beach towel (quick-drying micro-fiber travel type)
  • Accessories (a belt, gloves, costume jewelry…)
  • Nightwear (warm pajamas)

Gear and gadgets

  • Camera & gear / GoPro (with extra memory disks, rain covers, batteries)
  • Unlocked smartphone
  • Battery charger/ lip-stick-sized powerbank / power cords
  • Voltage adapter
  • Plastic water bottle
  • Collapsible travel umbrella
  • Binoculars (8 x 40 are excellent for dim lighting beneath the forest canopy)
  • LED Flashlight or headlamp for nighttime jungle excursions

Getting to the Amazon

The Amazon region is vast, covering around 40% of all South America and spans into nine countries. Below, Surtrek has selected three of the most popular countries for accessing and experiencing the mysteries of the Amazonian rainforest:

  • Ecuador: Access to the Ecuadorian Amazon is easy. After landing in the capital city of Quito, Surtrek guides will meet you and assist you with making a short 45-minute flight to the Amazon. Landing at a local airport, you will be transferred to a world-class eco-lodge via a 4×4 vehicle or a motorized canoe to begin an unforgettable adventure.
  • Peru: Home to the second largest area of the Amazon, the Peruvian Amazon is also the most wildlife-rich. When you touch down in Lima, Surtrek partners will be there to welcome and accompany you throughout your lodge-based tour. You will fly to one of two areas in Peru to experience for your Amazonian tour. Spend time in either in the northern Peruvian Amazon outside the city of Iquitos or in the southeastern Peruvian Amazon, where the most visited areas are the Tambopata National Reserve and Manu National Park (NOTE: All of the Peruvian Amazon tours can be easily combined with a Machu Picchu tour).
  • Bolivia: The Bolivian Amazon is just as biologically diverse as Brazil’s yet visited by fewer tourists. To begin your once-in-a-lifetime adventure here, upon your arrival in the Bolivian capital of La Paz, you will be assisted in flying to the town of Rurrenabaque – the gateway to the Bolivian rainforest. After being welcomed in that town, Surtrek representatives will transfer you to the local river’s dock for a motorized canoe ride into Madidi National Park and onward to your upmarket lodge, shrouded in the mysteries of the Amazonian rainforest.
  • Brazil: To visit the Brazilian rainforest, you have two options: You can go thought Belêm (off the Atlantic coast), or Manaus (in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon). Manaus serves as the main tourism hub and gateway to the Brazilian Amazon as it is the Brazilian Amazon’s largest city (pop 1.8 million), has a good range of accommodation options, and enjoys easy access from major Brazilian airports. Arriving there, Surtrek partners will be there to welcome and accompany you throughout your lodge-based tour along the famed Amazon River and its tributaries.

What activities can be done at Amazon lodges in Ecuador?

Amazon lodges in Ecuador offer a wide range of activities that allow visitors to immerse themselves in the natural beauty and biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest. Some of the activities that can be enjoyed at these lodges include:

  • Guided Jungle Walks: Embark on guided hikes through the rainforest led by experienced naturalist guides. Explore diverse ecosystems, spot wildlife, and learn about the flora and fauna of the Amazon.

  • Canoeing and Kayaking: Paddle along tranquil rivers and oxbow lakes in traditional canoes or kayaks. Enjoy serene moments surrounded by lush vegetation and keep an eye out for wildlife along the water’s edge.

  • Birdwatching: The Amazon rainforest is a birdwatcher’s paradise, with hundreds of bird species to spot. Join guided birdwatching excursions to observe colorful toucans, parrots, macaws, and elusive species like antbirds and tinamous.

  • Wildlife Spotting: Venture out on boat excursions or night walks to search for wildlife such as monkeys, sloths, caimans, and nocturnal creatures like night monkeys and owls.

  • Visits to Indigenous Communities: Learn about the rich cultural heritage of the Amazon by visiting indigenous communities. Participate in cultural activities, learn about traditional customs, and support local artisans by purchasing handicrafts.

  • Nighttime Excursions: Experience the sights and sounds of the rainforest after dark on guided night excursions. Listen for the calls of nocturnal animals, spot frogs and insects, and perhaps even catch a glimpse of elusive creatures like jaguars or ocelots.

  • Medicinal Plant Walks: Discover the medicinal properties of Amazonian plants on guided walks led by knowledgeable guides. Learn about traditional healing practices and the importance of preserving the rainforest’s biodiversity.

  • Canopy Tours: Get a bird’s-eye view of the rainforest canopy on canopy walkways or zipline tours. Experience the thrill of soaring through the treetops while admiring panoramic views of the forest below.

  • Fishing: Try your hand at fishing for piranhas and other freshwater species in Amazonian waterways. Enjoy the tranquility of fishing while surrounded by pristine nature.

  • Relaxation and Wellness: Unwind and rejuvenate with yoga sessions, spa treatments, or simply by soaking in the natural beauty of the rainforest surroundings. Many lodges offer wellness activities to promote relaxation and mindfulness.

These activities offer visitors the opportunity to connect with nature, learn about the Amazon rainforest, and create unforgettable memories during their stay at Amazon lodges in Ecuador.

What animal species can be seen near lodges in the Ecuadorian Amazon?

Near lodges in the Ecuadorian Amazon, visitors have the opportunity to encounter a diverse array of fascinating animal species. Some of the notable species that can be seen include:

  • Amazonian Wildlife: Explore the lush rainforest surrounding the lodges to spot a variety of Amazonian wildlife, including monkeys such as capuchins, howlers, squirrel monkeys, and tamarins.

  • Birds: The Ecuadorian Amazon is a birdwatcher’s paradise, with over 600 bird species recorded in the region. Keep an eye out for colorful toucans, parrots, macaws, hummingbirds, and iconic species like the harpy eagle and hoatzin.

  • Reptiles and Amphibians: Look for reptiles such as anacondas, caimans, iguanas, and various species of frogs and toads. Nighttime walks may reveal nocturnal species like tree frogs and snakes.

  • Butterflies and Insects: The Amazon rainforest is home to an astonishing diversity of butterflies and insects, including vibrant morpho butterflies, leafcutter ants, tarantulas, and colorful beetles.

  • Large Mammals: While sightings are less common, lucky visitors may catch a glimpse of larger mammals such as jaguars, ocelots, tapirs, giant anteaters, and even river otters near waterways.

  • Aquatic Life: Explore the rivers and oxbow lakes near the lodges to observe aquatic life, including river dolphins, giant river otters, piranhas, freshwater turtles, and various species of fish.

  • Nocturnal Creatures: Join guided night excursions to encounter nocturnal creatures such as night monkeys, kinkajous, owls, and various species of bats.

  • Rare and Endemic Species: The Ecuadorian Amazon is home to numerous rare and endemic species, including the pink river dolphin, Amazonian manatee, and golden-mantled tamarin.

These are just a few examples of the incredible diversity of wildlife that can be seen near lodges in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Guided wildlife walks, boat excursions, and night tours offer opportunities to observe and learn about the fascinating creatures that call this biodiverse region home.

Why go on a tour of the Amazon with Surtrek?

Since 1993, Surtrek has introduced adventurous travelers to authentic, tailor-made luxury travel experiences across South America, offering some of the best and most complete tour services in the Amazonian rainforest.

With our experienced travel team of 25 members strong — including native speakers of five different languages — we will work one-on-one with you to custom-design a tour of the Amazon that perfectly suits your particular interests and needs.

Contact a Surtrek travel specialist for help in planning your once-in-a-lifetime trip into the Amazonian rainforest.

Explore Amazon Lodges in video

Experience the ultimate Amazon adventure with our immersive video showcasing the best Amazon lodges. Discover the magic of the rainforest as we take you on a virtual journey through these eco-friendly retreats nestled deep within the jungle. From luxurious accommodations to thrilling jungle excursions, our video highlights the unique experiences offered by each lodge, whether it’s wildlife spotting, canopy walks, or cultural encounters with indigenous communities. Let us guide you through the wonders of the Amazon, where every lodge promises an unforgettable escape into nature’s embrace. Whether you’re a solo traveler, couple, or family seeking adventure, our video will inspire your next getaway to the heart of the rainforest.

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