Tour Antarctica On Board the Plancius Expedition Vessel

Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic Islands are some of the last truly un-spoilt regions of the world. The mysterious “White Continent,” with its multi-colored ice caps, glistening glaciers and towering snow-capped mountains, offers unparalleled scenery and photographic opportunities. Enormous numbers of penguins, whales, seals and seabirds congregate in the food-rich waters along the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic […]

Tour Antarctica On Board the Ortelius Expedition Vessel

Achieving the highest ice-class rating (equivalent to A-1), the sturdy and functional design of the 116-passenger Ortelius makes it one of the safest and most stable polar ships today –  suitable for navigating in solid one-year sea ice and loose multi-year packs. Built in Gdynia, Poland in 1989, this expedition vessel previously served as a […]

A Tailor-Made Wildlife-Watching Tour & Safari in Brazil

On this almost 2-week tour of vibrant Brazil, you will discover much more than carnival and soccer. Beginning in the “Marvelous City” – Rio de Janeiro – you’ll find an amazing, magical city surrounded by stunning mountains, white sandy beaches, and tropical rainforest. Indeed, Rio has one of the most spectacular sceneries and ecosystems of the world. […]

8 Unforgettable Days in Quito & the Galapagos Islands

In just over a week, this awe-inspiring tour of Quito and the Galapagos Islands tour allows you to explore two of the best and most diverse destinations in this southern continent. From the colonial landmarks of historic Quito nestled in the Andean highlands to the exotic evolutionary wonders of the Galapagos Islands, these vastly different destinations are […]

Let Surtrek Design Your Bucket-List South American Tour

What’s progressively becoming trendy is a vacation combo consisting of travel through the Galapagos Islands and to Machu Picchu. And why not? Not only are these highlights of South America, but sites on almost everyone’s “bucket list.”  For such revered destinations, we’ve put together (or rather “tailored”) a sample itinerary that not only allows you […]

El Salvador Tours Offered by Surtrek South American Travel

Good things come in small packages, and nowhere is this more so than in El Salvador. Though the smallest country in area in all of the Americas, it is a country that attracts travelers in search of the natural beauty offered by this nation’s active volcanoes, pristine forests and its sparkling lakes. This whirlwind 8-day/7-night […]

Colombia’s Vibrant Cities, Coffee Estates & Pristine Beaches

In just twelve days, you’ll experience the cosmopolitan cities of Bogota, Medellin and Cartagena and contrasting quaint colonial towns and coffee plantations. Explore the remote beach of Nuqui on the Pacific, and the Rosario Islands archipelago within a National Park in the Caribbean. Colombia is the only South American country with both Atlantic and Pacific […]

El Salvador Adventure Tours by Surtrek South American Travel

For the adventure traveler, the compact Central American nation of El Salvador is the perfect setting for rafting, surfing, hiking, mountain biking, diving and more – and all of this within a maximum of a scenic 3-hour drive past black-sand beaches, almost two dozen volcanoes, vast green lush valleys and panoramic vistas. In El Salvador […]

Colombia Enchanting Towns & Paradisiacal Beaches

Possibly Latin America’s best-kept secret, re-emerging Colombia is a land blessed with lush-green tropical rainforests, enchanting towns, paradisiacal beaches and colorful cities exploding with culture. This two-week tour across this magical nation will take you to beaches on both oceans, the deservedly world-famous coffee triangle region, and metropolitan cities where you can sample the resurgence […]

El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua & Costa Rica Tour by Surtrek

By exploring Mayan ruins, trekking through lush rainforests, kicking back on postcard-worthy beaches, and wandering through charming colonial cities, you’ll get a good feel of the enticing Central America region on this 21-day/20-night tour. This journey promises to introduce you to the very best of Central America through amazing outdoor adventures and guided cultural visits […]