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Policies Surtrek Tour Operator

Surtrek is a company that provides personalized tourist services by focusing on the needs and interests of each particular client, and advising them in a flexible and responsible manner.

We understand that what we sell are unique and unforgettable moments; therefore, to provide quality services, we identify all expectations of each client in order to design their personalized trip.

We ensure the maintenance and permanent improvement of the quality of our services through an effective system of controls that relies on evaluations of our service provision. Similarly, we strive to constantly improve the communications channels with all service providers involved in our trips.

Surtrek holds that the protection, respect and promotion of human rights are fundamental corporate principles and values.

Surtrek maintains a firm commitment to the environment, emphasizing sustainability and community tourism. Surtrek not only prides itself on having certifications from organizations that fight to protect the environment, but we also make concrete differences in the destinations where we operate by supporting local sustainable tourism initiatives.

At Surtrek, we recognize the value of nature, as well as the importance of conserving biodiversity, ecosystems and their services. We are committed to managing our operations responsibly and sustainably.

Surtrek actively trains and motivates all members of the company’s staff and management, which is made up of nationals from eight countries. Supplied with this diverse human capital that possesses varied cultures and languages, Surtrek can gain a solid understanding its clients, no matter where they come from. We are always willing to talk with our clients to determine precisely what travel experiences they are seeking and how they can best be served – while we never neglect the well-being, health and safety of our employees.

Alfonso Tandazo
Executive President – Surtrek Tour Operator
CEO & President of Surtrek
Muros N25-97 and González Suárez, Newcorp Build, 2nd Floor, Of. 21
Quito, Pichincha Ecuador